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Sveti Nikole! So I have been here a little over two weeks. I could write thousands of words about the whole experience here so far but I’ll split things up in to categories for different posts. First I’ll introduce where I work! The English name is the Organization of women of Municipality of Sveti Nikole. Here is that name in Macedonian, Организација на жените на општина Свети Николе. I’m their third PCV, but they haven’t had one continuously. I hear the organization existed even before Macedonia gained independence from Yugoslavia. There are similar organizations in other cities throughout Macedonia.

Right now, our office is an old third floor apartment in the city center. We have an awesome balcony where we take selfies and shout out to our various friends. We are a pretty social place, and often have people come drink coffee with us. We are all in the same room right now because it’s winter and warmer all together.

I essentially have two counterparts, Jasmina and Darko. Counterparts are the person we are officially assigned to work with at our organization/school/municipality. I work with everyone so the term is a little misleading for my case though. Our team is also made up of Aleksandra, Rahela, and Aneta. 

Things are getting started for me here. So far I’ve been researching various grants from international foundations. Our goal is to make sure we don’t miss any deadlines that fall during our holiday period. (I feel like this was a problem for me every year in the US as well… Uh oh, that grant application was due on New Year’s Eve? Welp.)  I’m really excited to learn about all of our projects and continue the work started by the last PCV here. 

Other future ideas include a social entrepreneurship venture for women who are survivors of cancer and a campaign to engage youth and see what civic engagement projects they would be interested in doing. I feel really lucky to have an organization that matches my skill set so well. I’ve had a great beginning so far and I look forward to all the things we can achieve together!


Организација на жените на општина Свети Николе


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