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Summary of our project

Young people in South East Europe region have limited opportunities to introduce each other, and to felt themselves as citizens of Europe. Youth exchange had target to overcome the gap which is existing among young people from different countries in Europe and will provide respect of individual human rights and freedoms and also will provide inclusion of young people into intercultural word. For achieving of this target it was organized 10-days summer educative camp in Dojran, Macedonia in period from 01-10 July 2007 on which camp 42 young people from 6 countries: Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia was established intercultural cooperation and exchange of mutual experience and was develop sense for mutual values. Through various forms of nonformal education- educative and creative workshops we successed to enlarged the sense of responsibility for overtaking obligations which are brought by the challenges of modern Europe society and recognizing EU as integral part of their historic, cultural, social and political living. Our participants were strengthen up their capacities and independently to overtake concrete actions pointed to improve general position of countries in which are living and will be working on building up peace and tolerance among nations in Europe.

The subject matter of the project was intercultural cooperation between the young people in the region and the chance of getting to know themselves in respect of fostering a young generation that would grow into the future European citizens.

Ten-day summer educational camp was organized for the realization of this project with the participation of youth from the neighbouring partner countries: Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the programme countries: Bulgaria, Slovenia and Italy The summer camp took place from 01.07 Ц 10.07.2007 in Dojran, Macedonia.

All the participants had knowledge of English since it will be the working language. The group was gender balanced.

Composition of the partnership

MACEDONIA - Organization of Women of Municipality of Sveti Nikole (Youth Sector-Daily Educative Youth Center Babylon, Sveti Nikole);

ITALY - Mediterranean and Environment-International Federation, Marina Di Jonica ;

SERBIA - Association for developing voluntary work, Jagodina;

BULGARIA - Euroalternatives 21, Yakoruda;

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Association of Citizens Ц Lotos, Zenica;

SLOVENIA - Association for developing voluntary work, Novo Mesto

The following workshops were effectuated during the ten-day period:

Intercultural cooperation:

-Processes of integration in EU.
-The identity, the respect of the differences and the tolerance.
-Non-violent solution of the conflicts
-Introduction to the basic human rights and their protection
-Gender relations workshop
-Presentation of the Youth in Action Programme

Other workshops:

-Sports club;
-Music-folklore club;
-Drama club;
-Web design

In the evening hours of the summer camp, each participating country had its own national night

Protection and safety:

Each partner organization were obligated to provide a travel and health insurance for their participants during the duration of the summer camp. The group leaders were obligated to ensure the effective security of the young people.

The host organization were procured medicaments (were set up a mini pharmacy with the necessary medicaments) and with prior agreement with the Medical Centre in Dojran will appoint a contact person (doctor) which was on call for the needs of the camp participants at all times.

Advance Planning Visit:

Advance Planning Visit took place in Sveti Nikole between 12 and 14 of June 2007. Two representatives per participating country (one group leader and one young participant) were met in order to discuss details related to the youth exchange. They were focused on practical aspects of the action.

Leaders were also elaborated a detailed plan for everyday workshops, and they talked about different and interesting possibilities of how to spend the free time they have left.

After the project is finalised, every national group were evaluate the exchange after returning home. They discussed and expressed their opinions about the whole project. Short report of the evaluation meeting were prepared and sent to the other national groups in order to share the opinions.

Final results from the Evaluation of our Youth Exchange (here)

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